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"Running a $15bn business, our main priority is continuous improvement of our forecast processes.

We estimate we can drive up to $200m of avoidable costs out of the business."

"By identifying and valuing the size and trend of forecast inaccuracies, we now have the visibility AND a common language to fix them…

Potentially worth up to 2% of total revenue."

Welcome to CatchBull

We believe that forecasting should always add value – our mission is to “make forecasting pay.”

If making a return on your investment in forecasting systems and processes is elusive, you're not alone. Recent research shows:

  • Forecast processes in 50% of businesses fail to add value
  • Even in high performing businesses, only 50% of low-level forecasts add value
  • The cost of failure is high; with 50% of error being avoidable, it adds 2-4% to the cost of production.



Buying the latest, most sophisticated forecasting software rarely ends forecasting problems. The perennial problems of:

  • excessive inventory
  • high levels of obsolescence
  • poor customer service
  • costly late changes to production and shipping schedules

...can prove much harder to move.

And if the hoped-for benefits recede, finger-pointing and witch hunts can take their place.



CatchBull’s ForecastQT™ application is used as a Forecast Performance Management system, measuring and informing the whole forecasting process:

  • End-to-end
  • In real time
  • Objectively
  • Flexibly

So the whole company can engage in continuous improvement of the forecast process.