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The CatchBull Team

mike hartley



(BA, MSc London Business School)


  • 25+ years Software Exec (COO, VP, MD)
  • Exclusive focus on planning, performance management
  • International experience (UK, USA, EMEA)
  • VC-backed start-ups (through to exit), high growth, private and public companies.
steve morlidge future-ready



(BA, MSc, PhD)


  • 30+ year Finance Executive
  • Financial Controller ($1bn food company)
  • Chairman BBRT
  • Author: Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting
paul goodwin



(BA, MSc, PhD)


  • Professor of Management Science, University of Bath School of Management
  • Research interests: forecasting, decision support, management judgement
  • Co-author: Decision Analysis for Management Judgement

Before you ask, CatchBull is not a Cat Stevens tribute band! Those of you who think that his 1972 album (Catch Bull at Four) is positively medieval, may be surprised to learn that the name actually hails from the 12th century Chinese master Kakuan’s paintings, verse and prose on the Buddhist path to enlightenment: The Ten Bulls.

4.Catching the Bull

"I seize him with a terrific struggle. His great will and power are inexhaustible. He charges to the high plateau far above the cloud-mists. Or in an impenetrable ravine he stands. Comment: He dwelt in the forest a long time, but I caught him today! Infatuation for scenery interferes with his direction. Longing for sweeter grass, he wanders away. His mind still is stubborn and unbridled. If I wish him to submit, I must raise my whip.”

Better forecast quality maybe a long way from nirvana, but this seems like a reasonable metaphor for any business seeking a clearer, firmer grasp over its journey in the future. Good focus, good analysis and good discipline are all required to keep us on the right path.

Most of us will have a concept of what accurate forecasting looks like - we may even catch glimpses of it. But it is hugely difficult to harness and repeat. It’s easy to become distracted by the allure of ever-smarter algorithms or software.

CatchBull’s aim is to provide the tools, methodologies and processes to help your business capture, control and interpret its data, to help you navigate a profitable path, whatever the future holds.