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The Promise

CatchBull’s unique approach will provide you with the insights, tools and methodology required to manage your forecasting in an intelligent, evidence-based way. In doing so, it will also shorten the “time to value” from your investments in forecasting software and processes.

ForecastQT™ delivers this by:

  • Analysing and tracking performance in a fair and transparent way; presenting the results in an accessible, graphical way via your web browser.
  • Highlighting where and how much value has been created/destroyed.
  • Spotlighting where problems lie, what they are costing and the size of the opportunity.
  • Building confidence in statistical methods, where they work best, while also…
  • …focusing attention on areas where judgemental intervention really is needed to optimise performance.
  • Providing demand managers with the tools both to devise effective forecasting strategies at portfolio level and also to chase down and fix problems with individual forecasts.

The implications of this on your business will be a forecast process that delivers:

  • A better balance between customer service and lower costs and inventory levels.
  • A streamlined process that should reduce workloads and enhances collaboration.
  • Information that can be relied upon for planning the business and…
  • …. an end to the “forecasting blame-game.”